Expand Your Business Through Online Exposure

Expand Your Business Through Online Exposure

Expand Your Business Through Online Exposure There are many techniques to make your business grow to be more abundant and profitable.

In order to make your business grow you will need to have a boost in advertising. One way to advertise is to promote your business online.

The Internet provides an abundance amount of information on how to expand your business. There are many ways to expand your business by turning it into an internet marketing company.

One way to gain exposure on the internet is by hiring a directory submission service. This can help you by taking your product you are selling and submitting it to many other websites.

By submitting your products to otheinternet marketing companies you can have a better chance of more people to be interested in your product.

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Expand Your Business Through Online Exposure

Basically you can put up a sign advertising what you are selling, and it will generate some profit. If you advertise online it is even better then advertising on television.

There will be more people to see your product therefore creating more traffic to your website.By gaining the most exposure by search engines will make your business even more profitable than you can imagine.

There are thousands of internet marketing companies competing to be number one on the search engines. Some use directory submission services.

Other sites may use a tool called Search Engine Optimization. This is better known as S.E.O. This will produce more traffic of online searchers by making your internet marketing company stand out above all the rest.

You want your site to be first on search engines that way people can click on your site rather than clicking the other pages. This is also called ranking.

The higher your site ranks on the search engine the more traffic it will have. The more traffic your website has the more chance your site will have to generate profit.

Internet marketing is a necessity for any online company. Without this Internet marketing tips your business may not get the proper exposure it needs to compete with all the other companies selling the same products.

Proper visibility among the search engines is the key to a successful business.

By providing your internet marketing company with more visibility on the search engines will greatly increase your sites traffic and eventually increase your revenue.

There are many internet marketing tips that you can obtain from the internet as well. Some tips will help you maximize your exposure on the Internet and other tips will provide examples on how to manage or start and online marketing company.

Once your business has been properly optimized you will see a great increase in profit within a couple of months. If your business is not getting the visibility it needs it will never grow to your expectations.

This is why directory submission services are so important to an online marketing company.

Without having the boost your business needs will have a great effect on how profitable your business will be.

Your online marketing company could be doing great but if your website is not optimized to its potential, you will be missing out on so much more profit.

Internet marketing companies will be the key to the future of any online business. The tools are out there we just do not realize the importance of it yet.

Internet Kiosk Business Opportunities Scam

For the last several years there were many TV commercials and Internet ads about Internet kiosk business opportunities.

The idea is that any person can purchase one or more kiosks, install them in public places, sell Internet access plus some other products and make good profit.

This sounds like a good plan for many people. Some companies also successfully implemented such ideas and do make some profit.

However whether this opportunity can be profitable for inexperienced entrepreneur-wannabes is very questionable.

According to a number of recent publications and lawsuits most of such business opportunity ventures turned out to be scams. In this article I will try to summarize facts about the Internet Kiosk business opportunity.

The following arguments (the arguments can either be true, very subjective or simply lies) are provided by Internet kiosk business opportunity sellers.

* Many people need Internet access wherever they go. People would like to pay for public Internet access.

There are many potentially profitable locations – airports, malls, truck stops, nightclubs, hair salons, etc…

* People made a lot of money out of ATMs and pay phones, now is the time to profit from Internet kiosk business.

* You are just in the right place and in the right time! You are lucky to be among the first who take this incredible opportunity.

Other people are already making $1000-$3000 a month. You must be not a smart businessperson if you do not take advantage of this opportunity right now!

* Investment amount ($7000-$15000 per kiosk) is very reasonable and will be paid off in a matter of 1-2 years.

* You must act now in order to secure the best locations in your area. Or other people will take this business.

* Quotes from trusted sources also support the idea:

o “250,000 to 300,000 terminals will be in service throughout the U.S. by 2005.” – Frost & Sullivan

o “By the end of 2005, 71% of all users will access the Internet via an appliance such as a terminal.” – eTForecasts

o “High Speed Public Access Internet Terminals may soon become as common in airports and shopping malls as pay telephones and vending machines” USA Today

o “Public Internet Access Terminals will replace not only pay phones but also banking machines, because they will offer capabilities as well as all the other highway applications,

from sending and receiving messages to scanning maps and buying tickets. Access to terminals will be essential, and available everywhere” -Bill Gates

Is there is anything wrong with the opportunity?

The reality makes the opportunity look different from what is being advertised:

* Not that many people actually need or want to use Internet Kiosks. There is an increasing number of other ways (wireless services, mobile phone devices, etc…)

to connect to the Internet including free options offered at many places such as hotels and coffee shops. Another reason is security.

<script async src=”https://pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pagead/js/adsbygoogle.js?client=ca-pub-1624937376019218″
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A responsible person may not want to type their private information on a public Internet terminal.

* Equipment price is usually too high (100-300% more than it should be), additional expenses are underestimated (or simply not mentioned), and potential profits are highly overestimated.

* It s very likely that inexperienced people cannot operate this or any other business without high risk and losses. Kiosk equipment is much more complex than regular vending machines, therefore regular people can not be qualified for this business.

* Once equipment is bought, people are not able to get locations. When they use locator companies, many locators cannot provide good locations or do not provide any location at all after taking money for their service.

The actual Internet Kiosk Business opportunity business is to make money for the opportunity sellers. They make money by selling overpriced equipment while promising unrealistic returns.

If a person or company is trying to get into the Internet kiosk business, they do not need any help from business opportunity sellers.

There are many kiosk manufacturers, trade shows and conferences where one can get objective information about the business and industry.

I believe there is no such thing as a turnkey business opportunity. Only a qualified person or company with extensive research and experience might be able to succeed in the Internet kiosk business.

Get Results

Recently I was talking with a very bright traditional marketer on the value of integrating Internet marketing into an enterprise’s marketing mix.

Personally, I have witnessed significant and measurable increases in the online results of an enterprise when they include traditional marketing strategies like direct mail, radio, television or publicity with their internet marketing strategies.

Although he did not disagree with the concept, he re-focused the discussion on the importance of an enterprise establishing their marketing message and objective even BEFORE contemplating their traditional or Internet marketing strategies.

What an excellent point! What about you…
• Have you created a clear and concise marketing message?
• Have you defined your customer benefits and integrated them into your message?
• Have you established a measurable objective to determine your success by?

Your Marketing Objective Defines Your Results
Business owners and marketers have a tendency to think in broad terms about their marketing objective by focusing on ones such as “generating traffic” or “designing a website.”

Instead, the effectiveness of their internet marketing strategies should be driven by specific marketing objectives established from the end result required of the business to be economically sustainable.

For example, “generating traffic” is not directly tied to a financial objective like “generating a cost per sale of $75.” The common misperception of “traffic equals sales” has wasted tremendous amounts of business’ capital on poor quality website traffic.

In addition some businesses have developed negative attitudes towards Internet marketing by falsely associating poor results to it instead of to a lack of an objective.

Recently a new client described his horror story of spending a significant part of his budget on contracting with a paid search service provider.

The resulting paid search campaign was a major failure in terms of satisfying the client management’s net profit objective. Actually, to be precise, the campaign caused a massive negative net profit.

After asking further questions to understand why the situation occurred, I discovered that the blame could not be attributed to the service provider’s failure to perform but instead to the client’s failure to define the correct marketing objective.

The client contracted with the service provider under an objective of “generating traffic” versus “generating a positive net profit.

” The goal of “generating a positive net profit” involves a more strategic performance-centered setup and management of a paid search campaign which this particular service provider was not capable of delivering through their business model.

Unfortunately, directed by the client’s defined objective, the service provider delivered massive volumes of paid search “visitor traffic” which failed to satisfy the client’s non-communicated but expected increase in positive net profit.

Your Marketing Objective is the Balance between Determining Success and Failure.
By defining a measurable objective, an internet marketing strategy is regulated by the resulting increase or decrease of it.

From this perspective, a simple “yes/no” decision is made as to the success of a particular strategy: “Yes” it achieved the marketing objective and should be maximized; or “No” it fell short of achieving the marketing objective and should be dropped or the message adjusted and tested again.

Without a measurable objective, the success of an internet marketing strategy is determined by subjective means versus real data.

A Clear and Concise Marketing Message Ensures Achievement of Your Objective
The marketing message is essential for generating performance from your Internet marketing strategy.

Rather on your website, landing page, or paid search ad, the message attracts visitor attention, qualifies the type of visitor and persuades the visitor to complete your defined marketing objective.

An excellent book written by Doug Hall titled, “Jump Start Your Business Brain” outlines three essential components every effective marketing message should include.

They are:
1. Overt Benefit: answers the customer-centric question of “what’s in it for me?”
2. Reason to Believe: what persuasive credibility shows that you will do as you promise?
3. Dramatic Difference: what is your uniqueness to the customer?

The rudimentary knowledge gained from these three essentials is that you must focus on your visitor and answer their buying questions. By satisfying your visitor’s needs in a manner that persuades them to buy, they will correspondingly satisfy your needs.

Are You Satisfying Your Visitor’s Needs?

An easy way to assess whether your marketing message is even capable of satisfying your visitor’s needs is to count the number of times your website copy states “you or yours” versus “we and us”.

Although primitive, this exercise will immediately tune you in to where your marketing message is directed. If you’re talking more about “we” then about “you” then you’re focusing on the wrong message.

Instead of spending more time on developing a traffic generation strategy, re-focus your time and thinking on developing an effective marketing message with a measurable objective.

Ultimately your traffic generation strategy will achieve higher returns and stronger results when you attract the most qualified visitors through an effective marketing message and gain “data-driven” insight from a measurable objective.

Marketing Your Small Business With Your Business Card

Spending money on marketing and getting value for the money spent can be very hard for any small business. It’s easy to spend a lot on glossy television ads and print ads that can bring in very little in the way of additional business.

But almost every small business has an incredible advertising tool at hand that they constantly over-look. It isn’t big, it isn’t expensive but it can be very powerful and most of us already have them made.
They are our business cards.

That little bit of coloured card can be a very powerful tool indeed. Of course handing them out where ever you go or including them in all your correspondence is one way of distributing your business card. You can also do a deal with other businesses to display some of your cards on their shop counters.

That will bring you some business but there are other ways to use them to bring in business. I heard a story some months ago now of one guy who found a different way to use his business card to bring in more business.
When he is out and about he leaves his business card every where.

He drops them in elevators, he slips them into the edges of mirrors in washrooms and he leaves one on the seat of any taxi he uses. Every where he goes he drops his card.

At first he was amazed at how much business it brought in and thought that it might have just been a surge in business that would fade away. But he kept up dropping those cards and the business kept on coming.

Will it work for you? I guess you won’t know till you try it and, when you consider how little a box of business cards cost to have designed and printed, it has to be a cheapest forms of advertising that any small business can have.
Where can you leave your business card so that you can get your small business in front of the eyes of people that are likely to buy your product?



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