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How To Make Money With Google Adsense

How To Make Money With Google Adsense

Websites are being created everyday, using this growing phenomenon to their advantage,

Google created Google AdSenseGoogle AdSense is a tool that anyone who owns a website can utilize. It is a simple process and the monetary reward can be limitless. With Google AdSense a company’s money making possibilities can increase exponentially.

This program is ideal for any website owner and it is a great incentive for those who don’t own a website to consider creating one.

Whether a website enjoys the benefits of high traffic or a smaller scale viewing, utilizing Google AdSense does not cost the user a penny.

It is simply an added money generating tool that can only benefit the user. There is no start-up fee, no hidden monthly costs, just a simple straightforward program that can help the user and Google make money!

Google AdSense is a great way to generate extra income even while you are away, for example, on vacation. You do not have to do anything more than set up a website and ensure that you have a steady flow of viewer traffic. This is why AdSense is ideal for blogging websites.

A blogger can simply post a few articles and let the ads on the page generate a monetary return. And, the more a blogger posts, the more possible viewer traffic, you can imagine the great earning potential.

How does it work?

To utilize Google AdSense simply visit Google’s website and create an AdSense account. Within a few days, you will be notified whether your account has been accepted or denied.

If your account has been accepted, you can then utilize your “AdSense for content” publisher id number which looks something like this ca-pub-9187111800071908.

This id number acts to populate your website with Google ads and every time a viewer of your page clicks on an ad, you receive a percentage of what Google earns.

Two things to be aware of when using Google AdSense

Though the benefits of using Google AdSense are limitless, Google does use discretion and does not give an AdSense account to all website users.

If they do not approve of your website’s company, subject matter, or services, for example your account request can be denied. Do not fret though! Create a new website.

Google is looking to make money and they want to give their account access to websites they feel will generate a profitable return. It is also important to note that Google can track viewer traffic.

If they find that ad clicks are being generating by the same website too often or the activity seems suspicious, i.e. you cannot click the ads on your own page your account will be closed.

If this happens to you, getting your account access back can be close to impossible. Google does not tolerate the misuse of their program.

Though it is a money making endeavor for both parties, the user and Google, it is still a privilege they are offering you, so be sure to respect their policies.

7 Ways To Increase Google Adsense Money

The Pros And Cons Of Using Google Adsense
How To Make Money With Google Adsense

Here’s seven tips to increase your Google Adsense money.

1. Limit your Adsense blocks to one per page. While you might think that multiple ads mean multiple ways to increase your Google Adsense money,

what really happens is that lower value ads are placed on your site. If the visitor is going to click, you want him to click on a high value ad.

2. Use multiple formats. The main Ads by Google block is great, but it is only one of three formats. The other two are the text link ad

(which you can make look like your navigation bar) and the Google search tool. Using one of each of these formats does not violate rule #1.

3. Place a large rectangle above the fold. The best way to format a page is to have your headline followed by a large Adsense block. Start the keyword-rich article down below.

4. Have content rich sites. You should try to have at least three phrases on each page that Google can “grab ahold of” to make ad placements.

One of the quickest ways to lose your shirt is for Google to not be able to place any ads and display public service ads instead.

5. If you want to make Google Adsense money, you have got to chase higher paying keywords. As you build websites, you will find that some Adsense clicks are only worth a penny or two while others bring in a couple of dollars.

Highly competitive high dollar industries like insurance and personal injury law tend to be best. When in doubt, use the Google Adwords tool to determine whether advertisers in the industry are spending a large amount per click.

6. Generate more traffic to your site. If you have a click through rate of 10 percent, you know that 10 percent of all new visitors who come to your site will make you money. So, go out and entice more people to your site. It will make you more Google Adsense money.

7. Test, test test. All of the above are suggestions based on “best practices” that other people have observed. But to make real Google Adsense money, you’ve got to test things out yourself.

Change the colors on the ads and see whether that affects your click through rate. Move the ads around on the page. Try different size ads. Then, when you find a format that works, stick with it.

Google Adsense can be a profitable way to build websites for cash. But, you have to treat it as a business. In most cases, blogging about your life won’t bring you much in the way of Adsense income.

While even earning a few dollars for keeping an online diary appeals to some, if you want to make a business out of being a Google Adsense publisher, you have to take it seriously.

That means chasing the high value keywords, developing Adsense friendly websites, and driving traffic to it. You have to test to make sure everything is producing as well as it can.

And, that’s how you make real Google Adsense money.

Google Adsense: You Must Know This To Make Money

If you are working on the internet and trying to make a decent income from your website then more likely than not you are aware of the Google Adsense program,

The Basics of Google Adsense
The Basics of Google Adsense

which allows you to place advertisements from Google on your website and in return receive a proportion of the advertising revenue.

Problem is if you are like most people who use Google Adsense ads you are probably disappointed at the actual income that it produces on a daily basis and wonder what you are doing wrong.

Well, first of all let me tell you that there are many people just like you and although the concept of making money with Google Adsense is simple, the actual ability to make a significant income will take some work.

More importantly, you must know the basics of what makes a good website as far as Google Adsense income is concerned.

There are four areas that need to be correctly carried out in order for you to make a good income with Google Adsense and these are:

1) Content
2) Keywords
3) Advert placement, size and construction
4) Traffic

Each of these individual areas will increase your Google Adsense income, but mastering all four will take you up to the top level of Google Adsense earners.

It really is possible to make a good daily income from Google Adsense and by perfecting these four items you will be stunned at how much can be achieved by doing some minor adjustments and tweaks to the general layout and set up of your website.

Understanding AdSense for feeds

Google AdSense program offers more than one way of earning revenue from serving Google AdSense Ads. Though ‘AdSense for Feeds’ is one of the more recent ways of advertising using Google AdSense Ads, it’s in no way less effective than the others.


Here, Google places the Ads of the advertisers in the relevant feed articles (again, note the most important characteristic of the Google AdSense program comes into play here too i.e. ‘relevant feed’ not just any feed).

The feeds are in the form of articles, headlines or summaries. These content formats allow the users to easily access the content from several publishers (content owners) at one place.

This is achieved through feed aggregators like Bloglines etc. Again, Google uses its technology to determine what advertisements would be contextually suited for a particular feed.

You get paid as the publisher of original content and hence make easy money. As for the readers, they as such get a rich experience because they can see the relevant advertisements with the content that they are interested in.

Moreover, they can also choose the feeds that they want. Users can click the advertisements to visit the advertiser’s website and check if their products and/ or services are of any use to them.

Of course, the Advertisers benefit too. They get targeted advertising which means only the really interested people get to know about their products and services (and hence there are more chances of a better conversion rate for sales).

So, the prime concept for ‘AdSense for feeds’ remains the same as the Google AdSense program; only the orientation changes a bit. But note that Google is currently beta testing ‘AdSense for feeds’.

Beta test for the program quickly got fully subscribed, so Google is not accepting any more applications for AdSense for feeds.

It’s only a matter of time before Google AdSense for feeds hits the internet and opens another revenue earning opportunity for website owners.

What makes Google AdSense system so special?

The basic arrangement in which Google AdSense system works is such that Google has the basic control over the Ads that are displayed on the websites subscribed to Google AdSense system.


Of course, the website owner can customize how an Ad looks and also block/filter certain types of Ads on their website.

The Ads that Google serves are ‘Senseful’ Ads (these Ads are actually relevant to the topics that the website discusses/ caters-to).

This is something that is not found in other advertising programs/systems. This creates a win-win situation for everyone.

The people who are visiting the website (that contains Google AdSense Ads) are doing so because they are interested in the product/service/topic that is discussed on that website.

It would be of little use to them if you were to serve Ads that are not related to the topic in any way. On the other hand, Ads related to the topic of the website would really prove useful to the visitor.

They might actually be interested in a product or service that is being advertised through Google AdSense Ads. So, website visitors get a richer experience due to AdSense program.

Website owners get revenue for displaying the Google AdSense Ads and for the clicks they receive on the Ads. So, they are happy too.

As far as businesses/advertisers are concerned, they get a system (AdSense system) for targeted advertising that is both easy and economical to operate.

Moreover, Google AdSense Ads are presented in a much better way than the banner Ads or other types of Ads. Most of the Ads are simple text Ads that are clear and concise.

The website owners find it easy and the advertisers find it easy too. Google AdSense is really one of the best advertising programs available today.

Making Money With Adsense Using Free Tools And Boost Your Income!

The internet provided people a way to make extra money. You may choose to make money by selling products, services or you can also make money online by being an affiliate website.

Another way to make extra income in the internet is through Adsense. There are many opportunities on making money by using Google Adsense program. Small websites and even blogs can make a substantial amount of income by just using Google Adsense.

More and more people are now finding new ways to make money by using Google Adsense everyday. They are now discovering that tools included in the program can

benefit them and also you can take advantage of these tools to make money online. The best thing about these tools is that it’s free and relatively easy to use.

Here are some ways on how you can make extra cash on Google Adsense using free tools:

• Article Submission

This method is one of the most effective tools you can use to make money from Adsense. The key to this is by creating targeted traffic and also increasing the number of clicks on the adsense. In order to make this work, you have to make an interesting article that people will actually read.

It should be easy to read, informative and also fun. You first have to make an article about a specific topic and submit it to article submission websites where it will be published and are available for people to read.

• Email Signature

Most people don’t know anything about how useful an email signature can be. Since emails are forwarded all the time and sometimes copied by some people,

you can make an email signature develop targeted traffic and having them click on the Adsense program, therefore, making extra cash.

• Joining Discussion Groups

You can answer questions about a specific topic being discussed in a discussion board. By doing so, you can get people interested and may visit your website and click on the Adsense program.

There are many online discussion groups where you can join for free and answer or ask questions. It can be a very effective way to make money using Google Adsense.

• Sending Teaser Emails

Send emails to everybody in your address book and everybody in your inbox. Most people receive a lot of emails in their inbox everyday,

you should make the sure that the subject line is eye-catching and the content should be very interesting and can get people hooked on reading it. You should also include your website URL in your email to make interested people to visit your website.

Always remember that you can make extra cash in Google Adsense by having huge amount of targeted traffic in your website. If the people clicks on the Adsense link, you will make money.

You can also make money in Google Adsense by blogging. This is one of the most effective ways to make Google Adsense work.

Many people online reads blogs, if you create an interesting blog, expect to make a lot of money using adsense programs.

However, you have to be sure that the website blog you joined generates huge internet traffic to make maximize your blog readers.

Google Adsense is one of the best ways to make money online. With the right tools and the right strategy, you can be sure

you can make a substantial amount of income using Google Adsense program. Always remember that targeted traffic is the key in Google Adsense.

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