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the Toyota Prius Hybrid Car

Rediscovering the Wonders of the Toyota Prius Hybrid Car

the Toyota Prius Hybrid Car

Motor Trends Car of the Year for 2004, North American Car of the Year in 2004, 2004 International Engine of the Year,

2005 European Car of the Year, 2006 Energuide Award in the Midsize segment, this and more are the accolades given to the Toyota Prius Hybrid Car.

Undoubtedly one of the most popular and most regarded competitor in the ever growing hybrid car segment, the Toyota Prius has definitely made a marked in the motor industry.

The Toyota Prius is a Hybrid car that makes a bold statement against environmental issues and the rising gas prices. It is also the first ever mass-produced hybrid car for commercial purposes. Its name itself means first.

The Toyota Prius hybrid car was first sold in Japan in 1997 before it was distributed all over the globe 4 years later in 2001.

Its popularity was boosted by environmentalists touting it as the car for the future to save our planet from air pollution. Sales in North America ws strong and increasing annually.

By fall of 2006, the Toyota Prius hybrid car had the strongest demand and has the longest preorder and waiting list there is presently.

Toyota sees the Prius as a venue that would provide the consumers with a vehicle that would produce less pollution and to be very energy efficient.

And Toyota certainly reached that goal. They created the Prius from the bottom up resulting to a true hybrid vehicle that is loved worldwide.

Toyota engineers came up with a couple of ways to develop the Toyota Prius hybrid car to be unlike other previous concept electric cars, the Prius doesn’t ever need to be plugged in for recharging.

The two electric motor generators get its power from the gas engine, recharging while the engine power is being used.

Also, through regenerative braking, a process that recovers kinetic energy when the car brakes and transforming it to electrical energy to recharge the batteries.

By 2004 a second generation of Toyota Prius hybrid car was released on the market. Capitalizing on the development of the new Hybrid Synbergy Drive technology, the previous Toyota Hybrid System was replaced in the new generation Toyota Hybrids.

Many improvements were developed and infused in the technology making the Toyota Prius hybrid car even better than before.

Aside from the engine, Toyota added more room to the Toyota Prius hybrid car making it wider and taller allowing for taller people to sit erect inside the car and allowing more views of the road.

Because of the success brought by the Toyota Prius hybrid car and the public awareness it has developed,

Toyota has extended its Hybrid lineup to their other vehicles. This includes the Toyota Camry hybrid and their top of the line Lexus marquee with the Lexus RX400H.

Truly, the Toyota Prius hybrid car has gone a long way. Its engineering superiority and its excellent reputation has made it a great choice for many people.

Even a lot of notable famous people have bought themselves a Toyota Prius hybrid car to show their support to environmental awareness.

Toyota has definitely hit the nail in the head with the Toyota Prius hybrid car and we can expect to see more of this technology in the future.

With Toyota‘s dedication to this endeavor, we can be sure that we can finally cut down on gas consumption and save our planet.

The Toyota Prius, Hybrid Car Phenomenon

Hot of the market, this brand of hybrid car is on the tip of everyone’s tongue. Prius stands for prize in most people’s book when they think about hybrid cars.

And that’s not just because a Toyota Prius looks pretty. In terms of hybrid cars, the Toyota Prius has tons to offer car consumers. And it’s not as if potential hybrid car buyers don’t know that. News of the Toyota Prius is everywhere in the media.

Why? Well first of all, the Toyota Prius is a great kind of hybrid car. The model I speak of is Toyota‘s petrol and electric hybrid model.

It’s sharp, stunning, and is a best seller among hybrid cars. This car is so good that it was voted car of the year in Europe for the year 2005.

Furthermore, in the United States, the Toyota Prius got an award that was very comparable to the car of the year award given in Europe.

But the Toyota Prius hybrid car isn’t selling off the lots because it is the fastest car around. Some Toyota Prius’s have some pretty high profile owners.

Among them are Leonardo Dicaprio, Harrison Ford, and Susan Sarandon. With these people driving this particular hybrid car, off course it’s selling like a hotcake. And the stars are doing a world of good for the sales of hybrid cars in general.

But while the success of the Toyota Prius is good for Toyota, it isn’t so good for its competitors who have yet to manufacture a hybrid car.

Now Nissan, GM and other popular car manufacturers are trying to quickly get their act together and come up with their version of the hybrid car.

Some of these other manufacturers just did not believe that people would put their faith in the hybrid car as a solution to the constant fluctuation of oil prices.

But the number of sales for the Toyota Prius hybrid car has certainly caused a change of tune for competing car manufacturers.

So soon you might here of a best-selling Nissan hybrid or GM hybrid. And Toyota Prius buyers shouldn’t get too comfortable with their car because before they know it, something else will come out that they would like to have.

But as far as Toyota goes, claims have been made that in the near future, all Toyota engines will come with hybrid options.

And Toyota also believes that it’s only a matter of time before all cars are hybrid cars or at least have hybrid engine options.

Next year, Toyota should be making Prius’s in China, and there, sales are also expected to boom. Toyota doesn’t want to leave anyone behind.

Soon it may expand its manufacturing plants to locations in places like California. Surely, there are plenty of movie stars there who can be persuaded to buy this hybrid car.

The Toyota Prius is certainly making a name for hybrid cars, and hopefully the buck won’t stop with the Prius. Toyota probably has some other models of hybrids cars that are fast making there way to having top sales as well.

Toyota‘s Prius to be Built in China

The Toyota Prius, a car built on hybrid gas-electric technology, will soon receive a major production boost.

Toyota and an undisclosed Chinese based manufacturing company have sealed a deal where the two companies will be working together to produce the Prius for worldwide export.

This bodes well for the American consumer who has to endure long waits for an all new Prius. More importantly, the move signals a sea change in the way Japanese cars are built and marketed. Ultimately, you may be the biggest winner; please read on for all the scintillating details!

If you wait nine months for a car, it means you must really want that model. This is exactly what future owners of the Prius have been doing as well as owners of other hybrid cars including some Honda models.

No manufacturer has been able to keep up with the surging demand and, despite lower fuel prices, demand continues to increase.

For Toyota, production levels on virtually every car they produce have been very high. Thus, even producing more Prius’ has been impossible as manufacturing capacity has been stretched thin.

Until now that is. With Toyota’s new relationship with China, it is expected that Prius production will ramp up. More Prius’ built in China will mean more hybrid models from Toyota as production shifts westward to the Chinese mainland from Japan.

As you might guess, labor costs in China are extremely low too. There is no telling if a car produced in China for Toyota will be sold for less in the US or simply translate into bigger profits for Toyota.

Likely it will be a combination of the two, a true win-win situation for Toyota as well as for the American consumer!

Hopefully, the Chinese built Prius will match typical Toyota quality levels. It probably will as whatever vehicles Toyota builds around the globe must match Toyota quality standards.

Are you waiting for a Prius? Your wait won’t get shortened any time soon, but for future owners they expect to see a significant drop in wait times as new, Chinese-built Prius’ show up on American shores.

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