Why You Should Start Using Facebook Ads

Why You Should Start Using Facebook Ads

Why You Should Start Using Facebook Ads The internet is the hottest place today to earn cash. If you are planning to start an online business,

Why You Should Start Using Facebook Ads
Why You Should Start Using Facebook Ads

then you first need to know that although the internet will potentially generate a lot of cash for you, it doesn’t mean that you will be able to achieve success overnight.

You still need to work hard even if it is an online business.

And, if you want to become successful with your new online business, you need to market it on the internet. You have to remember that if you have a new website, no one knows about it and if someone knows it exist, he or she wouldn’t care. You have to market your products by marketing your website.

It’s how it works in the internet.

It is also important to remember that marketing on the internet is different from marketing in the real world. In fact, even the most experienced marketers in the real world have hard time marketing in the internet.

It is a new kind of marketing and it will require different strategies to make things sell.

There are free ways to market in the internet. However, these free ways can be a pain. Unless you are a really good writer, it is often very hard to catch people’s attention in the internet.

If you are just a beginner in the world of internet marketing, then you might want to try out Facebook. Here, marketing is easy, effective, and is very cheap.

Why You Should Start Using Facebook Ads 2022

Why You Should Start Using Facebook Ads

Facebook is basically a social networking website where each member will build their own network of friends. Here, people will be able to communicate and have lots of fun with the different applications available.

With over 60 million active subscribers and still continuing to grow, you will obviously see that Facebook is definitely the place to market your products or services.

You don’t have to worry about traffic as with the amount of people logging in and out each day, you know that you have your clients here. All you need to do is get them to your website.

After becoming a member at Facebook and building your own network of friends and also after completing your profile, the next step is to start using Facebook Ads to market your products or services.

Facebook Ads is basically a pay per click advertising tool offered by Facebook to its members and is used within the Facebook website.

The great thing about Facebook Ads is that it will let you decide your target clients according to interests, age, gender and other general information. You will also be the one to decide the daily budget for the advertising.

This way, you will be able to try out your advertising without investing a lot of cash. If you are just beginning to advertise, don’t expect to get results right away.

It’s all a matter of trial and error. Besides, nobody’s perfect. You have to find out what your target market wants in an advertising campaign or what will get their attention. With Facebook Ads, you will be able to do this.

So, if you are just starting out with your online business and you want to promote your products, services and your website in the internet, you might want to try marketing in Facebook Ads.

Here, marketing is a lot more fun, cheaper and also very effective.

Six Tips at Effective Facebook Advertising

Why You Should Start Using Facebook AdsFacebook advertising can be a cost-effective way to attract new people to your business page.

But as more and more advertisers are making use of Facebook ad, the challenge is for businesses to make their ad campaign stand out from the crowd.

To truly gain the most benefit from Facebook advertising, you’ll need to spend time and resources to analyze, test, monitor and change your ads.

Perhaps the greatest challenge with advertising in Facebook is increasing the performance and your ad campaigns. This only means that you want to have as many “Likes” for as little investment as possible.

To help you win this battle, here are seventh tips at effective Facebook advertising.

1. Images. Images are perhaps one of the most essential elements of your Facebook ads.

You want to draw Facebook users away from scanning through their news feeds, so your images must be striking enough to get their attention. People like something fun, intriguing and controversial.

So if your image effectively portrays any of these, it will significantly increase the efficiency of your ad campaigns.

2. Headlines. If you have successfully captured users’ attention through youroutstanding image, make sure your headline will draw them in as well.

As in any other ads, your Facebook ads must have headlines that can entice readers to click through or read more.

Greed and needs are some of the most motivating factors among consumers, so headlines that portray these well will always get better responses.

3. Incentives. Almost all of us want to get something for free or even win any contest. You can use this basic human motivation to maximize your ad campaigns.

History proves that marketing works better with motivations, and Facebook advertising is not an exemption to this.
4. Targeting. Any business owner who is familiar with marketing knows just how important targeting is.

And this is where Facebook has proven itself more effective than any other medium.

It has an excellent feature that allows you to choose your target niche based on their interests, activities, gender, education level, and many more. Use this feature to your advantage and make sure your create ads that will hit your target consumers.

5. Freshness. Facebook is full of activities. People receive contents through Facebook at unprecedented rates, and to make sure that your ad campaigns maintain their impact, it’s important to keep them always fresh.

6. Landing Pages. If you’ve already mastered the tips above, don’t think your job is already complete. Far from it, though. You still need to create a landing page that has the same theme as your ad. For instance, if you’ve created a funny ad, make sure you continue the humor through the landing page.

Now, before you implement all these, make sure you’re starting right. It’s important to have specific objectives and setting the right goals for your advertising is important. Although Facebook works well on many levels, it is not always the solution for all your marketing needs.

Some of the great goals that you can set for your campaigns include, building awareness, engaging users, and growing lists.

Direct purchase via Facebook advertising, although it works for some retails and products, is not a highly recommended strategy for businesses.

Study carefully where Facebook will successfully fit into your prospect consumer’s buying cycle (education, awareness, etc.) and calculate its effectiveness based on that.

It is no wonder that Facebook ad revenue was estimated to reach over $1.2 billion in the past years.

The record shows that when businesses manage them properly, Facebook ads are great cost-effective ways of tapping into the 500 million users of Facebook.

Do the seven tips explained above, andsoon you might find yourself in a sea of great opportunities.

Facebook Advertising – Does Facebook Advertising Really Work?

With more than a few billion people on Earth, and roughly at least half a billion logged on to a social networking site like Facebook and twitter, it’s come to no surprise that more and more business owners are taking advantage of this phenomenon.

The premise here is that Facebook claims to be the future of online advertising.

This premise is backed by how people within that website can affect or influence others. In this case, think of it as an online version of

WORD OF MOUTH ADVERTISING, except that it’s on Facebook. This kind of influence is changing the way consumers behave.

But is this the truth?

Andrew Lipsman, VP of Industry Analysis at comScore and co-author of the recent study called “The Power of Like[2]: How Social Marketing Works.”, had something to say about the validity behind the theory.

This study was a collaboration between Facebook and comScore, and focused on the site’s internal analytics platform and other data like proprietary comScore analysis. Why You Should Start Using Facebook Ads
The study focused on these main issues and more:

1.) Facebook ads can work, but there are different kinds of ads available and not all of them will work for every marketer. Why You Should Start Using Facebook Ads

According to Lipsman, ads can drive advertising effectiveness, but not enough data has been gathered to form such a generalization. Why You Should Start Using Facebook Ads

There are a lot of factors that can affect an ad, like colour, location, and the creative elements involved, so it’s difficult to generalize that FACEBOOK ADS WORK or FACEBOOK ADS DON’T WORK.

There’s not enough data to generalize that Facebook ads are as effective as other publishers like AOL and Yahoo!.

2.) “Exposed” people and fans tend to spend more. This area of study focused on the online and offline purchase behaviour of fans and their friends for Best Buy, Walmart, Amazon,

and Target during the 2011 holiday shopping season. This purchase behaviour was measured against the general population. Why You Should Start Using Facebook Ads

The study showed that the fans of these retailers tend to spend more at those stores compared to the general population. Another impressive

data showed that friends of these fans spend at least 8% more at Amazon, 104% more at eBay, and 51% more at Target.

3.) Virality is the key to success. One of the biggest marketing advantages of using Facebook ads is the virality, boasting close to a billion users.

This virality is solely reliant on the concept of “birds of the same feather”, meaning people can actually cause or influence people to make a purchase, as long as the others

belong to the same social circle or market group. Case in point, a lingerie store owner can influence women from all ages and races in Facebook.

If you think really hard about it, there’s not much to say about how effective Facebook advertising is. We can only hope that by the next few years, there will be more relevant data to back this theory of success. Why You Should Start Using Facebook Ads

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